Let your imagination run wild!

Last week we found ourselves stuck inside, ALOT. By “we” I mean myself, E and baby G. Matt on the other hand was getting plenty of outside time, clearing the snow that seemed to never stop. At -25, with a windchill that brought things to a frosty -38 or so, my boys and I became slight shut ins.

One day while we were cooped up, I decided to whip up this dress up outfit. E is really just discovering the world of “pretend.” As his imagination begins to develop, I am enthralled by the things he comes up with. Well, on this particular day I was probably running out of ideas of activities to keep him occupied, so, I thought “dress up clothes!” I pulled out some fabric, hemmed the edges, stuck a star on the back- some ribbon across the back, 2 ties, and called it a cape!

His little crown was fun and very easy. I had some poster board- so I just cut out a wavey pattern, and then hot glued some fabric on the outside. I also put a band on the inside to protect the seams. E chose the buttons, arranged them, and I glued them in place. It didn’t take much time at all, and now E can fly until his heart’s content.

What other “dress up” ideas do you have that are easy, and inexpensive to make?


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